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Scanning Documents in San Francisco

Companies across San Francisco use document scanning to convert papers into digital records. Once documents are in an electronic format, they are a lot easier to manage. You can easily find a document with a simple computer search instead of a trip to the self storage unit.

document scanning services in San FranciscoAccess to every document can be limited to individual workers based on their job functions. This secures every document on a need to know basis.

Access should be controlled to prevent employees from misusing the personal data of customers and patients. Every record has a lifespan, and an EDM software package will instantly erase outdated records.

If you are looking to transition to a paperless system, San Francisco Document Shredding will get you on the right track.

Step 1: Create a Plan

The first thing you'll need to work on is a document retention plan. Figure out how long you need to keep each document and calculate who requires access to them.

Step 2: Gather and Organize Your Documents

Now it's time to shred all the unnecessary documents. Have everyone who manages company records eliminate documents that should be destroyed. Also, distribute shredding cans around your San Francisco office.

Ask workers to organize their personal files according to your official document management policy, and get ready to shred the ones past their due date. There is no need to scan documents that are useless.

Step 3: Shred What You Don't Need

The third step is to determine what documents are likely to be accessed in the future. The benefits of document scanning grow the more often the document is accessed and shared. If it will never be used again, then keeping the original document is the better option. Shred everything you don't need.

Step 4: Scan and Index

Now it is time for the physical act of scanning. You can buy scanners and assign the work to an employee. Or you can use a professional scanning service in Northern California. If you have a small amount, handing off the task to an employee will work. But as the size of the job increases, a scanning service makes more economic sense.

San Francisco Document Shredding makes the digitizing process simple. With document management experts, you get expert opinions on how to manage your information and a trained staff to complete the entire process.

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