On Site Shredding

On site shredding consists of bringing a mobile shredding truck to your office. The trucks are fully self-contained and will run without any outside power source. They will shred in no time what it would take you a month to do with a normal desk shredder.

If you are required to observe your documents being shredded then an on-site shredding option is for your situation.

The trucks destroy 6,000 pounds an hour so many projects only take a couple of minutes. In moments they can perform the typical business shredding purge. They will handle anything from a file cabinet to thousands of boxes.

For ongoing scheduled service, locked cabinets are placed in your business for free. You simply collect any files. The driver comes by on a regular schedule and protects your sensitive business data from getting into the thieves hands.

How On Site Shredding Works

  • Save up files you need shredded in provided cabinets (for scheduled service). No need for sorting staples or binder clips.
  • Materials are shredded into a sealed box of the truck. You can observe the entire process.
  • Certificate of Destruction is given for everything completed.
  • The shredded papers are compacted, pulped down and recycled into new paper.